Signature Quarters has built their family-owned business on the foundation of hard work and integrity to provide their customers with only the best quality products. Signature Quarters began in 2006 with owner Dick Clark, his son Brady, and daughter Abby. Together, they have established a team of talented personnel to produce custom trailer conversions using the finest materials, equipment and techniques in the industry.




Signature Quarters, LLC has gained a national reputation as one of the finest trailer conversion companies in the United States. We are in the business of providing quality living quarters conversions to the specifications of the customer. We constantly strive for innovative ways to enhance the outdoors your “on the road” experience and to improve the quality, comfort, and safety of our converted trailers conversions.

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Abby Clark

Vice President/Design

Abby was born and raised in Valentine, NE. She attended Saint Mary's University in Winona, MN where she majored in Business Marketing. She started Signature Quarters, LLC with Father/Owner Dick Clark and Brother Brady during junior year of college.

“I am truly blessed to work in such an extraordinary industry along side extremely talented family members!”

Abby helps each client hand-tailor their custom living quarters to suite their individual needs.  She is very knowledgable in the art of interior design and she is able to maximize the living space while providing an elegant, durable and functional home away from home for each customer. Abby enjoys guiding her clients through the decisions of backsplashes, flooring, wood grains, leather accents, necessities and desired amenities.  Your dream trailer has limitless possibilities and Abby can help you discover the right fit for your lifestyle.

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Brady Clark

Production Manager


Brady was born and raised in Valentine, NE. Growing up he was involved in many rodeo and other equine events. Brady later went onto Northeast Community College and received an Associate of Applied Science degree with an emphasis in HVAC. From there he returned to Valentine, and established Signature Quarters, LLC with his father, Dick, and sister, Abby. He dedicates a generous amount of his time to the SQ team, but if he’s not there you can find him on the golf course.